23 May, 2007


Above, you see the backside of the endpapers that J chose. You also see the binders board that I will be attaching the textblock into at this stage of the process.

Notice the bookcloth is brown.

I am actually about 98% finished with J's book, tonight. This is a record, although I don't want to do this rushed of a job again in such short time. The last Senior book I created took about 60 hours (which includes drying time for all the pages and stages of cutting and pasting the book together). I had five letters trickle in as I was pasting and cutting and gluing up!! So the last five letters have had to be pasted in after the sewing process. I've left several blank pages to be able to cut them out and paste typed letters in from specific families at a later date.

I have toiled along steadfastly since late Sunday afternoon, stopping long enough to cook quickly, and tonight to throw on a decent outfit and drive the family to our daughter's end-of-year, final Worldviews class speeches. She did very well, by the way...great content and nice delivery. She was just a little quiet, and could use a better variety of hand gestures, but she really did so well! More on that later.

Back to the book:
J's book was put together in around 25 hours. I rushed the drying with the help of a hair dryer, along with other (some risky) shortcuts.

The book is in the press overnight, and tomorrow I will make a Title label to add to it.

Graduation rehearsal is tomorrow night, and I've yet to
shop for groceries and run final errands for the ceremony and J's senior table setup during the reception.

Off to sleep now, for the next two very busy and monumental days!


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Birdie said...

Oh, wow. Those books turned out just amazingly great!