03 May, 2007

This 'n That

Our daughter got the job she has been pursuing, now that she's old enough :-). She starts on Monday. She'll officially get her driver's license in about two weeks.

Oldest son finally got his fund raiser letter finished so that I can get them in the mail. He was recruited to work and train at a youth discipleship camp this summer in Scotland. I've been busy making mailing labels, and becoming frustrated by the word processing program.

We got almost all of our son's graduation invitations out. It is almost like sending Christmas cards...there are always a few unfinished, not quite addressed envelopes lying about. I hope we can find the correct addresses and get them sent! I do not want to see them six months from now tossed aside in a card box on a shelf somewhere!

I'm still collecting memory and blessing letters in order to make our graduate a hand bound, hardcover Blessing Book.

I organized all my plannings and details for May-June in a binder today. It has multiple sections in it with the following labels:

Homeschool Graduation Plans/Needs:
~Bind J's Blessing Book
~make handbound journals for some graduation gifts
~Plan joint reception with son's friends
~Scan photos (about 60) for graduation slide show and write the voice-over script
~Arrange slide show in power point
~Dry Clean graduation gown
~Attend Senior Banquet
~Invitations to close, important family/friends for the banquet
~Get J's senior pictures printed (he procrastinated...the photographer with photographer

Scotland Mission Trip details
~Manage mail
~Purchase tickets
~Check on status of passport

Final Prep for co-planning and chaperoning the Senior Camping Trip

Bookbinding and Mending/Restoration Projects:
~I won't type them all here, but I have TEN on my calendar!

Speech camp for our final three students ?

Family summer trip together to south Texas

Review New Spanish Class resources and possibly teach summer school where my hubby teaches English and lit.

College Prep info and updating and submitting of all transcripts for DD (who wants to go the dual-credit route) and DS (who may stay in Scotland and take a gap year).

Sign dd up for entrance exam and for a summer class at one of the local colleges. Find myself another bookbinding class for late summer. I will actually have a degree for this with two more classes under my belt.


Now you know why I'm too busy to blog most days. I apologize.

Pray for lasting energy, safety, and open doors as my family pursues all these things this summer!

¡Muchas gracias!



tootlepip said...

All I can say is WOW! Doesn't family life get interesting as the children get older.

Javamom said...


In some ways I am freed up to get more accomplished at home and from home as the older two are able to drive themselves to work and events. Since Ds' car engine is still being rebuilt, they need my car, which also makes juggling errands and jobs interesting!

Birdie said...

Wow! I feel like I should be apologizing to YOU for not being nearly as busy! ;) Keep up the good work!