29 April, 2007

Birthday was wonderful

The Birthday Honoree (top photo on right)

The stir-fry turned out excellent, the cake was moist, and dd chose her ice-cream: Cookies & Cream and Rocky Road. The company was very diverse and fun! The kids got chiggers on their feet :-) from their little foray of outdoor photos in the wildflowers...but it was worth it, I hear. Instead of candles going on the cake, we each lit a tall, skinny, sparkling candle to blow out in honor of DD's birthday, and to represent our relationships in her life.
Friends stayed late, watched the stars from the rooftop, and one friend stayed over. The presents? Lots of music and tea things, and even some clothes. Some of our best adult friends came for the celebration, as well. This was a happy birthday, indeed!


Kerri said...

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Kerri Roberts, BoldMouth

Birdie said...

It sounds like the party was both memorable and delightful! I'm happy that everything went so well!