02 April, 2007

Blog labels

I updated nearly every post with a blog label today. What I noticed(and I grant that I am late to the game :-) is that it is not an exact science. There is a lot of overlap, and some posts hang out there under a label that could apply to a number other posts. For example, on the blog topic of opinion, you'll notice there aren't that many listed under this label. It's not because I'm not opinionated. In fact, I really am. I just found better labels to apply to a lot of posts, or my opinions are woven into other posts. I try not to be too blunt in my presentation of my opinions, either. Heaven knows that the older I get and the more I learn, the more I see what I lack in so many areas. So I have little inclination to put myself out there as an expert.

My main purpose for starting this blog was to keep in touch with family and friends flung to the outer-regions of the earth :-).
It's quicker than snail mail and easier to keep up with said family and friends in one venue, complete with pictures. But you all already know that!

Anyhow, it should make it more interesting...or at least easier to search through post topics.

I lost my AO/HEO homeschoolers blogring code when I upgraded my blogger and changed my template recently, and it was supposed to be sent to me. I need to go try to get it, again. If any of you know the code, could you send it my way? Thanks in advance!

Ciao for now, faithful visitors one and all!


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