02 April, 2007

Spanish Direct and Indirect Objects

We've been reviewing direct and indirect objects and D.O. and I.O. pronouns in Spanish. I thought I'd use this Resurrection Week example, just for fun.

"Judas turned Jesus over to them" -- Judas is the subject, the one who does the action. Who's turned over to the Jewish leaders? Jesus. Jesus is the direct object. To them is the indirect object, they're the people Jesus is being turned over to.

Now, in Spanish, you always use "le" or "les" for the indirect object; in this case, them, so we use "les". If there wasn't a direct object, one could think that "les" is it, because it is officially accepted to use "le" and "les" as a pronoun for a male-person direct object. However. "Jesús" is the direct object -- it would be:

"Judas les entregó Jesús."

But we have to take into account that Jesús is a concrete person, and concrete-person direct objects need the preposition "a" to work.

"Judas les entregó a Jesús."

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