26 April, 2007

~ 16 ~

We're in a rush of planning, food shopping and cleaning here with another family birthday celebration coming soon. Instead of going out somewhere, our daughter wants us to host her party at our home, complete with poetry or Shakespeare reading (really!), painting on canvas for all, guitars, casual fun photography with friends and home made stir-fry veggies and tofu. Mustn't forget the green tea and coffee. She hasn't chosen her ice cream flavor, yet, but the cake of choice this year is crumb cake.

How cool is that?

Dread Pirate Sparse-beard and I wanted to get dd a ring for the special occasion, so it was picked out today...a lovely silver ring from James Avery dot com.


Birdie said...

Sounds like your daughter has some truly unique and great party ideas! You should be proud. The ring is lovely, too!

Javamom said...

Thanks, Birdie!

She left it at church on Sunday, between worship sets (she plays bass guitar) and didn't realize it until Tuesday afternoon. I'm SOO glad she realized WHERE she may have midlaid it. Whew!!