24 April, 2007

Better News for German Homeschool Family

I was just perusing some of my usual news sites when I noticed an update on Melissa Busekros, the daughter of a homeschooling family in Germany who was taken from her home during a raid and remanded to state custody for psych. evaluation...ALL because her family homeschools!

She just turned 16 and ran away from her state mandated foster home in order to be with her own family on her birthday. Evidently, now that she is 16, she has more rights in the eyes of the state, now. Her psych. evaluation also showed that she is stable and not "school-phobic" which also weakens Germany's case against her family.

The fight may not be over, though, so more prayer and action is needed. If so inclined, click on the link for contact addresses and numbers to help support fellow homeschoolers.

1 comment:

Birdie said...

I, for one, am still praying for this courageous young lady. Thanks for the update.