18 April, 2007

Mittens in a bowl

Cats sleep in the strangest places, all tucked in and snuggly-like in boxes or baskets with firm boundaries. It must help them feel secure. This bowl can be found holding miscellaneous craft leftovers (during projects). Kids toss keys in there, wallets, and from time to time even gloves, since it is right by the door of our family room/library. It sits atop my bookbinding sewing frame that Hubster made for me, which looks pretty cute with a bowl-full of mittens on it!



Birdie said...

Cute picture. My husband used to have a cat that was convinced she NEEDED To sleep in my kitchen colander. I have no idea why.

Javamom said...

Wow! I guess it is comfy, and not too different from a bowl or a basket!