04 April, 2007

The Comedy of Errors

We've not done as well as I'd hoped juggling life, fitting in co-op schoolwork and AO/HEO schoolwork this year. That's hard with four kiddos, have you tried it? I think that's why the Lord blessed us with just the four that we have. Granted, they are older students and can do much of the work on their own. And our youngest ham, is getting better at staying focused, since he has the benefit of getting to exercise his artistic side productively through our homeschool co-op.

Now that co-op is over and I personally have fewer teacher duties, our family can move on to the next Shakespeare play, which is The Comedy of Errors.

Just an update from Texas, where we are experiencing Spring Fever, but are moving forward progressively! How are you all doing?



Mother Auma said...

Spring fever here! We went outside to meet it this morning and found scissor-tailed flycatchers, a very melodious mockingbird-- and a cold north wind! Brr! What happened?

Seriously, we are having Such A Hard Time Enjoying Schoolwork lately. Just a few more weeks to go!

Birdie said...

Well, I am also in Texas, also have Spring Fever and also have four children being home-educated the Charlotte Mason way! In short, I can't tell you a thing except that we just found out we are expecting!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping by, ladies! It got a little chilly, yes?

Congrats, Birdie, on your new blessing!!