06 April, 2007

Good Friday thoughts

Hubster and I grew up in homes that didn't participate in Good Friday. Easter was special, but we celebrated Christ's death, burial, and resurrection every Sunday.

In parenthood, The Hubster, aka Dread Pirate Sparsebeard, and I made a point to change the way we celebrate religious holidays and give them more spiritual significance in our lives. As a first, some in our family even participated this year in giving up something from Lent to Resurrection Sunday, to find our supply and fill that void with The Lord. Totally unheard of in the church-of-my-youth. There are many things I appreciate about my heritage, and I'll share those another time.

We made one other change to our usual routine this year. Instead of spending it as we have so many times in the past (preparing to sing for an Easter musical, Good Friday service or be a part of Easter service worship team or chorus), we've taken time off from those ministries and are helping direct family members, instead. Hubster took our youngest two boys to help do some serious yard work at the Grandparents' home. It is getting to be too much for them as Poppy fights off another bout with cancer. Dd and I stayed home to do some deep cleaning and meal planning for company coming several times this weekend.

My boys are having company over tonight and tomorrow, then Hubster's brother and family will be joining us in Worship on Sunday, then coming home for Easter Lunch. In one way, I consider NOT participating in any music events this year a form of rest.

Thinking of you all and praying you have a bless-ed Holiday.



Birdie said...

I hope your Resurrection Weekend was joyous and blessed!

Javamom said...


It was! My green beans were a little on the crunchy side...but Hubby likes them that way! I hope yours was lovely, as well!

Thank you for the blessings :-)