10 May, 2007

The kids' band!

The kids got to open for Bread of Stone last night. It was their first big gig like this. The Bread of Stone guys were so encouraging and helpful re: what to do next. A friend of mine who works with Song of Solomon ministries took some good shots of J's band and BOS together on her camera, so I hope to have those to post sometime.

A newer youth group worker enthusiastically volunteered himself last night to design t-shirts for them, and now they need to produce a newer demo CD. They were called back out for an encore, which ended up being there most interactive and fun song.

After their set, someone in BOS handed their Nikon D200 to J to take some photos of the BOS set and worship time. I cannot wait to see those photos. Hopefully they will be up on their blog soon.

As I said recently...Good times, (which are sweeter on the heels of hard times ;-)



Birdie said...

Now that IS cool. I'm looking forward to any pictures you might share.

Javamom said...

Our daughter is playing bass on the far left, and ds is playing guitar.
I hope to get copies of the photos on CD this Sunday, then I can post a few more!