09 August, 2005

* For Robin and other quiet visitors *

Just a quick note to say "Thanks" to Robin, my "Lily" sister from the Lily Garden, and others like her who visit my little gallery-on-the-web. These are the folks who stop by and linger, then e-mail me personally or on various e-mail lists to say what they enjoy about my gallery.

You are all appreciated, and please feel free to comment here anytime!

Robin likes my vintage book restorations and picture/descriptions, so I'm going to try to post more about those, or create another site just specifically for those...and maybe for my hand-crafted journal/reading log books, as well.

I am getting a waiting list for work, for both journal/reading book list/note keepers and for restorations. My biggest client is the hardest one to get in touch with...in Mexico. Pray that all those glitches are worked out easily and that I can supply him with good work and a nice product.

With affection,

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