02 August, 2005

Update from Yucatán

Well, our website for photos from our humanitarian project are now posted at Project Izamal.
There were obvious problemas with the other server.

Our gallery show at the City Hall portico was a success! One of our Izamal students, Rolando, even sold one of his photos for 400 or 500 pesos...about 40 dollars. Exhibition was our sole focus, but since he is local and the money will help him out, we encouraged him to sell. He can make another print and mat for it anyway, and still have it for a portfolio.

I found out on our day trip the the Carribean Sea yesterday that all of our photography students from Izamal and surrounding village are Christians in the local church, here. In fact, they are the Korean missionary´s best student leaders who help him do local VBS and VBS in other villages around the area. He has taught them to be mission minded for their own country, and his mission is to grow the church in Yucatán through local youth.

I´ve got to go, as we are about to have lunch at a banquet with the local Mayor. My son and I love this place! Javamom

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