08 August, 2005

Home and Thankful to God!

My family was in a very bad accident with friends of ours while they were on a camping trip to New Mexico on Wednesday, July 27th. The Dad of the other family was driving and fell asleep at the wheel. The car went off the road and up a hilly area...then rolled three times. Our friend ended up being care-flighted with his daughter, who had neck fractures, to El Paso. Our son, Jordan was on the same side of the car they were on, and cut his head up. He got nine or ten stitches above his eye and has cuts all on his scalp. James, Kylie, and Andrew, and the other family's mom basically just got cuts, bruises, bumps. The mom later realized she also had a broken rib. The two other families that were also camping on the trip saw almost they'd wrecked, and came quickly to help them out. It took 45 minutes for help to show up, since they were out in the middle of nowhere. Some of the pictures of the wreck are posted on Kylie's website.

Flash forward to me and Jonathan (our almost 17 yo son) in the Yucatán...we found out through one of our daughter's friends that they'd been in a wreck, but not until late on the next Monday night...August first, and there were only a few details written on her website. Imagine how helpless we felt, not knowing much, and just having to trust that my husband had not told us about it through his e-mails because everyone was alive and doing better. If it had been worse, he would have called us home, but he did not want to worry us or mess up this educational and career opportunity for Jonathan and me. The Dad, Norman, is home and will be able to go to work for half-days starting today. When the roof of his car caved in from rolling, it basically scalped him. His daughter, Caitlin, has small fractures in her neck, but they will heal over time, as she keeps her neck-brace on. The Mom, Teresa, had a sprained arm and a broken rib. Our son, Jordan, already has his stitches out, but the emt guys cut all his clothes off...including his brand new and favorite pair of jeans! Jonathan and I are now home from Izamal, Yucatán, and are so thankful to see our family alive and well. I got sick on American food Saturday...went to church Sunday, but came home from lunch and slept straight through from 3:00 p.m. yesterday to this morning. I feel much better today, only needing an adjustment from my chiropractor!

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~Jonathan and me in the courtyard of the Korean Mission House in Izamal, Yucatán, where we lived. You can view more photos of our trip on his site, linked at his name.

~ some of our students, walking the streets of Izamal to take photos

This trip was a humanitarian trip through Hubby's school (The WinstonSchool), but it became a mission trip for Jonathan and me...One of Hubby's students even came to church with Jonathan yesterday!! Pray for Mike to make a commitment and to grow in strength against peer pressure and against boredom. He says that's when he is tempted to do the wrong things with friends.
I'll have to tell you all more about the adventures, opportunities and blessings sometime. I'll be posting about it here as I decide to spend more time online. I have enjoyed the lack of distractions of being in another country and being on a mission.

Love and hugs,
Javamom, who missed the
Ambleside Online Conference here, for which Jonathan and I were going to be helpers...and missed meeting
Donna-Jean, Wendi, Leslie, see Lynn and family...and the other AO ladies in Texas only because God opened this huge door for our son and me in Izamal!

hs mom to four ages 10-16.5 who've always homeschooled

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