18 October, 2007

Coffee Break

This is our new coffee bar set-up. I found it last week at one of my favorite thrift stores. The thing is, it must have been someone's wedding or anniversary present, as it was still in all it's plastic and bubble wrap inside the box, complete with warranty papers and instruction booklet. It was the low price of $21.00! A new espresso machine alone costs twice that price or more. My coffee-shop employed older teenagers were so happy with my find!

Now some of the reviews I've found on the net of this machine aren't so great, but ours makes great coffee and espresso. I'm wondering if some of those reviews come from user error or misunderstanding of the components. That is likely, as some of the things are a little tricky or different from other machines.

My absolute favorite machine, for which I spent $170 many years ago (and it lasted a very long time) is not made or distributed in American anymore, has been broken for about two years, now. We've been using a Gevalia four-cup machine that I bought at this same thrift store for a mere $2.99 over a year ago, so I do not at all feel guilty for spending $21. Even if something breaks down, I have the warranty papers.

This has been a brief station break whilst I prepare lesson plans and supplies for tomorrow's home school co-op day. I also have some high school Spanish grading to complete, and mid-terms to average. Pray that I can get it all done before dinner time!

I have two posts that I'm still working on re: Spanish Lessons and resources. I can get back to fine-tuning them after co-op day.

Back soon,


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