10 October, 2007

Original Time tables and some of my specific plan for language(s)

In The Spirit of Ambleside Online nearly free resources for a CM education, I'm pulling together resources for Spanish language lessons that I am actually using For the early years:

We have several examples available to us of Charlotte Mason's school schedules of the Parents' Union School back in 1908. Notice that as the ages increase, so do the number of lessons as well as the number of languages provided and set "on the table" so to speak.

It was simply ten minutes about four times a week in the class I time table. One of those times was for the singing of a French song. The other three times were for a French lesson that, according to another CM fan researching the project, who received information from the Armitt Museum (link in right column under "links") including a text called, "Cours de Francais: Methode orale by F. Themoin. French words were also taught with pictures.

I like to use "matching game" cards, where several students can play together, matching up the pictures. You can make these from magazine or other pictures. One card is in English and the other in Spanish. The children also learn French songs, spread out over the year. For my students, I am choosing the following for our first term:

"Éste es el Dia" - This Is The Day that the Lord has made
"¡OH, QUÉ AMIGO NOS ES CRISTO! " What a Friend We Have in Jesus
"De Colores" a Spanish Harvest song, available free on the 'net.
Selected Bible verses (in Spanish) for copywork/memory work. I will make it natural and hopefully painless! If I have it in a song format, that helps, but is not necessary.

For sing-song nursery rhymes, I purchased ¡Pío Peep! Rimas Tradicionales en español. I've seen similar things on the net, but I'll need to scrounge up those links.
For Fables: Fábulas de Esopo (Aesop's Fables), which I did post in an earlier post today. It is available in both e-text and Librivox MP3 format.
I will also teach at least one Christmas Carol near December, many are on the 'net, as well.

That is all for tonight, as I am falling asleep from a very full week!



Tim's Mom said...

Thank you! I'm linking this (these, actually) to a previous post on my blog where I've started collecting Spanish texts.

Karen Flores said...

I found out about your blog from the Ambleside group. You commented "need not spend time on a multiple language program." I read you response. Everything you said is exactly what I want to do with my sons. My husband is a native speaker of Spanish. He would not talk to the boys when they were babies. I asked him recently to make a pronuciation CD so that we could learn Spanish that way. He agreed, finally. I have a ton of questions. Can I email you? Also, probably some of my questions can be answered by your blog. I will try to look through it.

May the Lord bless you this day.