04 October, 2007

Tomorrow: co-op, then a break week

A well-deserved break it will be. I will be working part time up at Dh's school, but at least we have a break from Friday co-op classes. This has been a hard month re: settling old auto accident claims from 2005, settling issues from last month's wreck, including rental car and getting our van back two weeks later than hoped, and settling our finances, which we've had to juggle so much to stay afloat and keep food on the table. The Lord provides just what we need, always has...but...that is always less than what we (or our kiddos) think we can survive on. It is humbling...but in the very best way ;-).

Dh and I both have been planning two separate trips, his being more detailed and involved for his school: a freshman class trip. Dh also teaches, so we've both been busy, busy, busy with lesson plans, prep and grading. I've said it all before, but one does not truly understand how much time all of that really takes for teachers, when you want to do it well for the benefit of your students. Add to that the fact that dh runs the afterschool program, which means he gets home every night at 7:20. EVERY night for the last 15 years. Then he gets back up at 4:30 and does it all over again. EVERY day. EVERY night. God bless him richly. I truly mean that. He is superman.

Add to that that we are blessed to home school, so we then spend lots of time the rest of our time on those lessons for our own dear teens.

Whew. We are TIRED. We had a restful weekend last weekend, but truly...

SOMETHIN's gotta give. We scramble for precious time with our family unrelated to their schedules or classes. We eek out precious time for ourselves. I kid you not, this fall has been stingy on time to our kids and to us.

Others pull on our time about our need to be more involved elsewhere (whether they mean to or not...I'm sure if they were in our shoes they'd understand a little better) on top of everything else that we do in our larger city-wide community, reaching out to, working almost daily with, and learning from secular folks and Christian friends alike, more than half who aren't homeschoolers but are public or private schoolers. One of these life commitments is, of course, focosed parenting and discipling our kids, which is simply educating future good citizens, with a strong *and* gentle Biblical world view and preparing them to take on life in a healthy manner as young adults.

Dh doesn't get enough sleep, as it is. I barely do. Pray that things will ease up for us! For that is physically not a good healthy example over the longhaul.

Ds, age 14, seems to be understanding Algebra better. Yay. Note the joy in my "voice." I am reluctant to say anything, b/c he had it before, but "forgets" it so soon. He is working on more practice to help him remember more solidly. That should help Dh get to sleep sooner!

Dd is still behind in her worldviews homework, though she is able to get it all in for a better grade, she's still got the cart before the horse.

College age son is on track saving for next semester by working a lot and sometimes preparing the right paperwork to get into school.

I've talked about Margin before, planning time in your schedule to regularly and quickly rest and refresh whether it's quiet time or be together to build relationship and recharge. I have more opportunity to do this than Hubby. That's why he's the Dread Pirate (:-). He juggles so very much. He sacrifices daily. He needs rest. More rest and time with us.

Okay...I'll close there. He has a trip soon of hiking, but it is a working trip. He's gotta keep those freshmen safe! Yeah. I'm off to finish packing for a hectic, non-stop day of classes.

Please don't think this is complaining. Trials strengthen in us perserverance, etc. I know that I know that the Lord is providing us with exactly what we need to sustain us, both spiritually, mentally and physically. I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I've committed unto Him against that day!

Hang on to hope, and do not grow weary in doing good!! Do all things unto the Lord!


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Robin said...

Yes, you are indeed busy, busy.

My husband also works long hours. Generally he leaves the house at 5 or 5:30 and doesn't return until 6-7 p.m. Then every few weeks he flies somewhere and is gone for 2-3 days. I really don't know how these men do it. We are so blessed, aren't we?