02 October, 2007

Proud of our youngest

Our youngest (12.5) yo son has made strides and efforts from his own internal motivation recently. We've added History of English Literature for Boys and Girls by H. E. Marshall this week, poetry and copywork, and art study. His math endurance has picked up again, as well.

He loves mapwork, so that is an easy subject to add to our load.

Our time period is "Middle Ages" with our co-op, so we are reading a few books related to that time period for our major historical reference this term. He is asking some very good questions.
His narrations are a little rusty, but I'm upping the ante on the quality and level of books which he is used to reading, b/c he was a late reader. It's encouraging to see progress, especially with this one!

p.s. He has begun working hard on his piano lessons...for himself and for his piano teacher, Mother Auma.

More later!


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Mother Auma said...

And he is doing *great*!!