20 October, 2007

It's been two years

Today is the Komen Race For The Cure. All week long I have been thinking of my friends who have fought or are fighting breast cancer in this month. It has been exactly two years (literally in just a couple of days) since the home-going of one friend from my church family and my homeschool group. Our route to co-op takes us past her hospital. That plus the change in weather just heightens the memories, and reminds me to take time to value, love, "hold," hug, lift up in prayer daily, and communicate with my friends and family who are alive. I think of friends and loved ones (my own father, who will be celebrating his 71st birthday soon!) who are still cancer-free years after their first diagnosis.

I'm am also reminded of Hubby's Aunt Gail.
A little after Thanksgiving, we in her family celebrated her life and home-going in early December, 2005. She valiantly lived and loved during a long journey with ovarian cancer.

So this year, I am thinking of those who are recovering and healing from surgeries and treatments for breast cancer right now. Two of my friends are so valiantly and patiently living and loving through a season like this at this moment; one from church and another of my hs friends who is also in my CM bookclub).

Then there's my own mother, who is confined to bed these days. She is recovering from surgery to repair a multiple fracture in her ankle and leg from almost two years ago that never healed correctly, so it has been such a trial and source of physical and mental anguish these last couple of years.

The wreck my dd and I were in one month ago also adds to this reflection of the brevity and frailty of life, and the desire to live life very purposefully; choosing activities and choosing words with laser-like precision or choosing to keep my mouth shut. Oh, yes, human nature gets in the way, but with each season and event comes more clarity and yeah...even wisdom from above.

The changes of season remind me to re-evaluate my own life, but moreso THIS season, because of the aforementioned events. Fall is also that time of putting off extraneous things and settling in to the "now" of a more fixed schedule. It is a time of quiet routine before the Holidays begin. The prayer that I have is that I choose things wisely, that I not dawdle or miss out on the important things, that I continue to completely trust the Lord who holds it all in His hands.

I am contemplative but purposeful.


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The Sparks Circus said...

I was thinking about her today! I miss her so much she was such a comfort and such a prayer warrior. I remember what a calming soul she was, I thank God that I got to know her as long as I did. I wish I could be as calming and as faithful as she was.