11 September, 2008

AJ's Observations of the Birds

Our 13 yo son has been paying attention to the birds at our feeders in his own, creative way.
He wrote down his observations of the bird culture living in our yard just a couple of days ago.

~ Sparrows and dove are the "townspeople"

~ Red-bellied woodpeckers - they just think they are so stealth and stuff, so they come and go quickly. They don't stay long, but go back to their homes in the cottonwood trees.

~ Cardinals are the "rich" people, clothed in scarlet, and here because of our marketing :-)

~ grackles and crows - they are the "thugs" and "bad guys" who come and scare everyone else away.

~ cowbirds - luckily they don't come here often, but when they do, they're just like the grackles: THIEVES!

~ Blue jays - sweet, stealth assassins that never come in pairs. They come and go every day, when the feeders aren't very swamped with other birds. note: They are mostly seen in packs of three or four, if they are ever in a pack! Mom's note: they have raised families in our habitat, so they all come together at the same times, unless one parent is tending a new brood.

~ Squirrel - He's a thief, too, but he's a good thief (??) who steals for justice. (Mom asks: Is he the Robin Hood of our yard, then? Stealing from the rich and giving to all the poor, downtrodden squirrels in the neighborhood?)

p.s. We have had some rare visitors throughout the summer, one notable being a bright green parrot! I asked AJ what he thought these birds would be in the society, and he said, "The Travelers or Drifters."

We haven't seen the flocks of Starlings in several weeks, so he didn't include them in his story. Upon asking about them, he said that they are the "Summer Tourists."

Very creative boy, that!


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Katie said...

I love it! I can see the birds walking through town, going about their business, good or bad...