03 September, 2008

Chile Harvest 2008

The Dread Pirate Sparsebeard is home from his annual adventure to Hatch, New Mexico and the Gila Mountains. The strong scent of green chile roasting on the grill was sent wafting through the neighborhood. Even the squirrel came to check it out.

What's that fabulous smell?


Robin in New Jersey said...

OK...I gotta know....what do you do with all those chilis?

Javamom said...

We freeze them for use in multiple dishes, from enchiladas to breakfast (egg) casserole. My favorite thing is to chop them up small and put them in a bowl of corn for dinner.

Hubby chops them and puts them on or beside everything: on turkey burgers, beans and rice, in his breakfast eggs, etc.

Sometimes we go to the trouble to make chile rellenos. Instead of chopping them up to add to things, we fill the inside with Mexican cheeses, shredded chicken or beef and maybe even a little rice. We then put shake and bake coating on the outside and bake them. Some people fry them in a batter. This is then topped with a mole (sauce) and a bit of sour cream and a touch of cilantro.


Javamom said...

I forgot to mention that after thawing them from the freezer, we peel off the skin, with the help of a stream of water from the faucet.

Then we can seed them, chop them, etc.

Hubby often leaves the seeds in for himself. He likes 'em hot!

Sheila said...

Hoo boy - I bet the aroma WAS amazing! I so adore all squirrels - though they cost me a fortune in birdseed! :-) Your pictures are always delightful.