24 September, 2008

Spanish Word Wall and Charts

While communicating or telling stories in Spanish with my classes, it is helpful to have posters and charts that I can point to on the wall. When I taught summer school sessions at a private school, this was what my wall looked like. Winston Grammar was created at this school, so you see the English grammar charts on the bulletin board to the right. I mimicked these charts with my self-created charts in Spanish.

This is how I "translated" my word wall to my hs co-op classroom, where I had to carry everything, literally every resource, in and out for different-aged classes and different classrooms. I am also able to use this at home. These are the same mini-posters from the whiteboard above (where I posted them with magnets...but my whiteboard in co-op was not magnetized, so I had to get creative).

I've added this large presentation board to my home class, since I don't really have room for a large white board. I am able to fold this up and put it behind the couch after my Wednesday home classes are over. The mini-charts can be removed or moved around, since I have sticky-backed Velcro tabs on each mini-poster. These visuals are a big help. Another idea would be to include pictures when possible.

I hope that some of you will find this helpful!

Con cariño,

Señora Javamom

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Birdie said...

What a neat idea!