27 September, 2008

Fall Garden Report

The garden has shown new life since the temps have cooled off. The sweet potato vines, (four of which I planted in the late spring) are climbing all over the fence, and the mounds under them are pushing up at a noticeable rate beneath the vines daily! I wish I could have captured that unfolding drama. I was not expecting them to be so huge! Impatiently, I dug into one today and found at least two huge sweet potatoes pretty much ready to be dug. I think I'll give them a few more days, just to see if the mound grows any larger :-).

The Roma tomatoes are ripening to the tune of 15 or so per day, and the larger tomatoes have come back from the summer heatwave, but are not yet ripening. The cantaloupe and squash were all done producing, so we pulled those plants from the garden last weekend. The larger basil and the smaller globe basil are full and healthy, just needing some trimming, since the seed pods have gotten out of hand. The three varieties of hot peppers and one sweet bell pepper plant are also making a comeback. They like this fall weather!

The herbs that are still doing well are: lemon balm (to use for tea), oregano, small patch of thyme, one small bit of dill left, patches of healthy spearmint (as always) and the basil. I have some sage seeds that I want to plant. It's great to have sage on Thanksgiving, since we have a long growing season, I just haven't gotten my old seeds in the ground, yet. I'll do that tomorrow.

Photos forthcoming...


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