12 September, 2008

Catapulting Marco

I know that in traditional school settings, students are able to (sometimes) participate in "hands-on" lessons on a grand scale. With home schooling, we are able to do that whenever we want! Our youngest of four teens loves to experiment, as he is very much a kinesthetic learner and energetic, dramatic 13 yo boy. Marco (the adventurous monkey) is his "Hobbes."



Caught him...

Let's see, we covered some engineering, physics, and history with this catapulting experience.

I just can't reiterate it enough to people (both loved ones and friends) who don't understand that real learning happens at any time of day, not just within some rigid schedule or location during the day.

Share with me something fun that your children have played at and learned recently. I'd love to hear about it and see photos. These friends recently hatched their caterpillar friend, Spunky, into a butterfly, and learned some entomology in the process!


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Birdie said...

That looks like fun! When my eldest son was 10, he built a catapult and a standing battering ram in our back yard. The catapult worked pretty well, but he battering ram fell apart pretty quickly.