22 March, 2007

Ah, the fresh air...

and sunshine on these first days of spring!

Yeah, we got it made and we know it. Javamom is trying to catch and save an injured neighborhood cat, who just happens to look a whole lot like me (Tigger) and bring him back to health. Darn cat keeps limping away before she can catch him. She's gone and left food out for him and everything!

posted by the protesting Javacats

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Javamom said...

My good friend from Jr. Hi/High School sent this message: "They look fat and happy like some of ours! I'm getting tired of having all of ours in the house all the time, but you know, the first time one of them didn't come in, I'd be worrying just as if they were one of the boys that was missing! The "baby" has been so wild that we finally sent her outside to play today. Hope she doesn't
come in injured again!"