25 March, 2007

Life is a Poem

The ballad, I; I shun the world,
Its bustle and its noise,
Its busy hasty rushing crowds
And bright consumer toys.

Indeed, I sometimes like the old
Because it's not the new;
And if you think that's strange or wrong,
I might not much like you.
What Poetry Form Are You?

If I were not a Ballad, I'd be Heroic Couplets. THAT is a hoot! Ballad suits me very well.

If one thinks that "liking the old because it's not new" is strange or wrong though, I would not show my displeasure, but would try to extend grace instead. I will simply hope that they learn how to come down from the sometimes "adrenaline addictive rush" of living at such breakneck pace most days, and hope that they learn to slow down and appreciate the simpler things in life from time to time.

I don't always shun the busy-ness. There is plenty of volunteering to be done and groceries to be purchased and therefore the need to be driving at the busiest times of day in order to accomplish these things. BUT I usually "steer around" (pun intended) the busiest times, if at all possible.

Hat tip: both Mama Squirrel and Tim's Mom


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