12 March, 2007

God Grew Tired of Us

This documentary~ movie is about the journey of The Lost Boys of Sudan. It follows one group in particular, chosen to come to the United States and make a new life. I came away moved by their journey and struggles. It is titled thus as pulled from part of something one of the main characters, John Bul Dau, says. He shares how he began to think maybe it was like the last day of the world when God becomes disappointed with mankind; that he thought maybe that God had grown tired of them...of his people, and wanted to destroy them.

You will laugh and maybe even cry as you realize the complexities involved with them being given a "new" lease on life, while many remained behind at a refugee camp. The movie shows the difficulties of transition, depression, feelings of heavy responsibility that some of these men feel to help their own people. It also gives a glimpse of how some of the Lost Boys have forgotten their culture and absorbed themselves in the new luxuries they've found for themselves in USA. John Bul Dau talks about how he is worried for these younger ones.

This one is worth your time and money, and will make you think and reflect on what is important.


tootlepip said...

Although I don't watch Oprah often, I happened to catch her program on Valentines and she had one of the Lost Boys on the show. He shared his story of meeting a young lady in the refugee camp and how he kept her picture and years later they ran into each other in a church in Canada. They are now married and awaiting her papers to come into the US. It was very touching to hear his story and all that he and the other boys went through before they were able to come to the United States.

Javamom said...


I made it a point to watch that episode, too, and I cried! It was so exciting for them and so touching.

There was another one where she reunited two daughters with the mother whom they hadn't seen (and didn't even know if she or any other family were alive) and the mother broke down with tears of joy. Just very special, very moving.

Leslie said...

Oh, I saw the preview for this at the theater and it made me a little teary eyed then.

I don't get to the movies very often, but I would like to see this.

Leslie said...

Yay! I have been having troubles with publishing my comments so I am glad to see this go through!

Love all the pictures you have posted. You have been busy!

I would love to talk to you more about your co-op, how it is set up and what sort of classes that are offered..to get ideas for our small but growing co-op.

We need to do coffee sometime!

Javamom said...

We have been busy, that's for sure.
I enjoyed your pear blossom photos, as well!

I agree, coffee is in order, soon!
I can't believe that our semester is almost finished.