29 March, 2007

Our Oldest Two

That's an Italian flag in the background.
It means peace. Yes, it's a bit of Italian
propoganda, but we liked the flag when we were there visiting friends and taking several historic and artistic field trips. Dd wanted it for a souvenir. I brought home books and art prints, and she wanted a flag.

We like it for the other forms of peace that it can stand for, not b/c it is anti-war. Peace in Christ, peace in the home, etc.

Ds was looking into joining the marines after graduation in may, b/c he wasn't sure how to pay for college. He told the recruiter that he is a bit of a pacifist. No, he's not an obnoxious protester and I think he was partially joking. The recruiter replied by saying, "We can work with that." Yeah, I just bet. More like, "We can grind and humiliate that right out of you."

I think (I hope and pray) that ds now sees his other options that are coming into focus. They have been developing more clearly in the last couple of weeks. He has been recruited and accepted to Scotland to serve with a ministry team there for part of the summer at a Bible Camp, then begin some basic courses at a local community college this fall. This will have bought him a little more time to look more closely into colleges (and scholarships) for political theory, economics, philosophy, and photojournalism classes, to which he can apply as a transfer student.

Dd is going to miss having her brother around when he finds his own place with other roommates.

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