04 March, 2007

Project weekend

All of the projects I worked on this weekend have one thing in common: they were "bound" by perfect binding; a cheap way to "bind" books. It's just glue, and it does not last well. Think of the common paperback book. Now when a hardback book or heavier textblock has been bound that way, you can imagine why this process is not optimal for long-term or heavy use.

Above is a friend's poorly "bound"(glued) NIV commentary that had split completely open. It was a little tricky going, but I finished it fairly quickly. The trickiest deal was figuring out how to properly get the adhesive to dry by putting some sort of weight on the tissue I applied to hold it together.

Esta es mi Biblia. It is one of my college Bibles from 1984. The textblock was completely out of it's cover, and was coming apart in chunks. Since it was simply glued onto the cover, these chunks were basically the same thing as pads of paper or stationary. The "perfect binding" glue is pretty much the same stuff that is used on paper pads. Cheap. This Bible also went down in a cargo airplane crash with our first library collection back in 1987. True story, LOL. Maybe that didn't help.

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