03 March, 2007

Current Projects

I'm working on this project for a young student at our homeschool co-op. This is her favorite Bible and she is very protective of it! It shouldn't take me very long to get it back together again, stronger than it was before. It was just glued in, no hinging or other support to keep it in its cover for very long. That's a problem with modern, "quick" binding.

My advice, when shopping for special books that you intend to be a gift that that will be treasured, look for sewn bindings (Smythe binding) or library editions. I know they are more expensive, but for books that will last, this is what you should look for.

On the other hand, there are definitely times when a paperback edition is just right. :-)


Note the finished product. It took the longest of my weekend jobs, as it needed to dry in the bookpress overnight.

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