28 August, 2007

Amazing Scenery

The sun did not wish to be outdone by the show put on by the moon much of the early hours this morning. I WISH I had photos of the first effort the sunshine put forth around 7:20, but dd and I were in the van, on the way to the coffee shop. I just kept saying "I wish I had my camera!" It was a truly amazing composition and color combination, as it peeped up out of one large cloud, and glowed onto one large clump above it. Above that were six cotton ball clouds, arranged like a crown over the previous mentioned scenery. Above that were the lovely and incredible sun streaks shooting out like the crown on the Statue of Liberty.

This second effort by the sun is about half as beautiful, but still quite exciting!

Sun finally comes out from behind those clouds.

(different settings caused the slightly differing effects.)


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