28 August, 2007

This morning's eclipse!

Around 4:55 a.m.

No, I didn't get enough sleep last night, but what fun it was to capture different phases of the eclipse! First I was up just before 5:00, then got up again at 6:45 to take more photos. I have a cheap tripod, so getting the right angle and height and then HOLDING VERY STILL b/c I'm using settings to allow in the most light and not to blur the shot was not very easy! I can't just set the timer, b/c the tripod wasn't tall enough to focus on the correct area of the sky. There were also the veritable mosquitoes buzzing around :-). God's creation put on quite a show in the last 18 hours. Makes me wonder what the sunset will be like tonight!

It's just like a homeschool mom to do something like this...as another hs mom and I discovered we had both "encouraged" our families to join us in watching this rare event. They weren't as excited about it as we were, for some reason.

I hope the booksnkaffeehaus readers are enjoying their week. Shoot me an e-mail sometime! Especially those friends and family who check up on us here, but do NOT leave comments! You know who you are...!

p.s. tonight sunset was downright scary...reminded me of something from Dante's inferno. It was ever-so-brief, and I did NOT have my camera along in the van, once again. Note to self: I must carry my camera everywhere I go. I will make sure that my battery packs are charged and memory cards have plenty of room on them...



Birdie said...

Great photos!

Donna-Jean said...


I am totally mortified that I missed the eclipse (had my days mixed up, or something). And now I've admitted it for the world to know :-)

BUT - wow, I feel like I got to see it, through your pictures. They are beautiful.

I have to laugh, I so relate to the moms getting so psyched about things. I always just pray my love of all this rubs off on my kids. I think it does....

And why is it it feels as though a great moment didn't officially happen if we don't photograph it?? Too funny.

Your fellow photojournalist, but a student to your photography skills....

Get some sleep ;-)

Mother Auma said...

Oh, good! I'm so glad you got pictures! We tried but our little digital camera and my inferior photography skills just did not do it justice. We did get two photos (and three narrations) up on the blog, though.


The kids wanted me to get up with them to see the meteors previously in the month, and I just didn't want to. So when the eclipse came along I said I would get up, and am I glad I did. It does something to the ol' perspective, yes it does.

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