28 August, 2007

Lunar Eclipse

My oh my, the moon rise was beautiful this evening. I had to drop off a teen and pick up a Hubby, then head back into our town to go to the first hs meeting of the year. There were some gorgeous color gradations going on in the sky! Too bad we were on the road sans camera. I am planning to be up to capture some of the lunar eclipse on my digital camera in several more hours. I've got to get up anyway, to give my teens a ride to work. One car is getting some maintenance, and I need my van today to meet our youngest son's ride returning home from Minnesota. (It's been sooooo quiet in the house while he was off having a wonderful time with a good buddy.

Hopefully photos of the eclipse in our area will be forthcoming! For now, just enjoy this:

*Some things really do seem to be simply black and white. At least from a distance...*



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