08 August, 2007

He's home!

NOTE to the Final family, if you are reading this!

We deeply appreciate your hospitality toward J during the England leg of his trip. It is such a tremendous blessing that the Lord connected your lives this summer. He speaks very highly of you all and of your cooking!! We are eternally grateful for all that you did for him. I hope we can meet someday this side of Heaven. If you or your kiddos are ever in Texas, you know whom to call!

Siblings back together again.

Andrewcles gave J the biggest, longest hug ever, that my in-laws captured the photo--I was not quick enough. It was more like an infield tackle, actually!


lori said...

Yeah I am so glad he made it home. He has been in our prayers
Lori Sparks

Birdie said...

Yay! I'm glad that he's safely home. You must have missed him terribly.

Donna-Jean said...

Wonderful, wonderful pictures. Nothing so beautiful as a family reunited!

Javamom said...

Thank you, ladies!

It's good to have him have the experience of a lifetime, and it's good to have him home.