24 August, 2007

Lovely Evening

All week I've been on this computer, working up my lesson plans, making copies, and gathering resources for teaching at home and at our hs co-op. I will be teaching a group of elementary kids, Jr. High and High School Spanish I again. I am looking forward to it! I like to see all my plans on paper first, though :-). And this calm before it all begins is a little too quiet. Well, maybe that's just because our youngest, busy boy is out of state with a friend!

Tonight I was blessed to take a break! I got to go to one of my best friend's homes to meet with some old-time hs board/member moms from our hs group. Three or four of us there were founding moms...from 12 years ago! The other ladies joined within a few years of those small and simple beginning years. Our group has well over 240 families participating, now, and with growth has naturally come much change.

It was such a boon to our relationships to make this time to be together, laugh together, share insights, pain, trials, praises, even tear up and pray together.

Everyone should have a core group of friends such as these. They really are special.


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