12 August, 2007

500th post - Bourne Ultimatum, OTOH...


He is remorseful for what the government made him into (likely every administration has its secret programs and cover-up of lies, so I don't particularly think it is fingering this current admin specifically, just big brother in general...reminds me of the old, old astronaut film Capricorn One, though it was much less rushed and violent, being staged in a desert with few to no innocent bystanders). Bourne is still searching for his true identity, has tried to find victims' family members to apologize, is more willing to let people go who stand in his way because his "fight is not with you" as he told a Russian policeman. The violence in this movie is non-gratuitous nor very bloody. His fights are for survival.

Some cussing, otherwise ONE terrific film with themes of remorse and redemption. Case in point, he lets one "asset" (assassin) go, has to face him later, but is able to question him..."do you ever question why they have us kill? Look at us..." (or something like that) and b/c of his "kindness" of letting this particular assassin go when he could have easily shot him dead (after a mad car chase scene), he is rewarded as the assassin lets him go when he faces him again later.

Yes, it's as good as the first two...probably even better :-). Be happily surprised by some of his allies, and noble moves of self-sacrifice for the cause of the greater good.

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tootlepip said...

We thoroughly enjoyed it also. We went to see it while on our anniversary trip.

Birdie said...

Thanks for the review. This is one my hubby and I have been wanting to see.