02 August, 2008

all sewn up

This was a week of multiple deadlines: one was a big writing project and the other was helping to bring the new Spanish I teacher up to speed, complete with sample lesson plans, syllabus, assignment sheets, game ideas, etc. I also needed to make more progress on a bookbinding job that I am currently working on. Thankfully, I was able to meet all my deadlines...and my goals are all sewn up, so to speak. My latest book project is all sewn up, as well!

By mid-week, this book will be finished and ready to be picked up.

Tomorrow: singing and small percussion for two services.

On Friday, I'm singing with my brother in a wedding, so we'll also be rehearsing our song several more times. We are singing "The Prayer" originally sung by Celine Dion and Josh Groban, (Andrea Bocelli has recorded it with Celine D, as well, and can't forget to mention the Charlotte Church and Josh Groban version).

How is your summer wrapping up? After next weekend, I'll have a lot of organizing to do for the new schoolyear, but I'll not sweat it until later...

Have a good week, all,


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