16 August, 2008

Pear harvest time again! aka * Pear Jam 2008 *

pear harvest 2008 with updated photos of ~ ~

"Pear Jam 2008" ;-)

I've been making pear jam and "butter" today, and I love the way the scent of the pear juice fills the air. It doesn't take much; I haven't even begun cooking them on the stovetop, yet...just peeling them, and getting them all ready for the cookpot.

I wish you could smell them!

golden pear jam

pear butter with cinnamon

Want some? What are you harvesting or making this weekend?



queen shenaynay said...

so do you actually "can" these, or do you keep them in the freezer? i've made pear butter before, but since i am not sure if i've done everything necessary for it to keep, i always keep the jars in the freezer door.

yeah, i know. don't laugh. i scare myself sometimes.

Javamom said...

These heat seal really well, so they are "canned." There is no pressure cooking involved most of the time.

I have had a few over the years not seal with the recommended "turn them upside down while they cool" method. I ended up putting them in a slow simmering water bath for a time and that did the trick.

Now, this batch is turning out a little different (more like a jelly) than the batch I sent your way sometime last winter.

Still very good, though! Ky and I just sampled the first jar on toast today, while we sat under the big umbrella on the deck in the gentle rain. It added to the atmosphere of our morning :-).

Javamom said...

p.s. the batch is jam, but very "jellied" this time, instead of "saucy" like last year's. It still has a lot of fruit chunks and is a "low-sugar" recipe, but to me it is still very sweet.

I'm going to make a batch of "sugar-free" today (made with a bit of water or unsweetened 100% fruit juice) to see how they'll turn out. I hope the rain doesn't cause it not to set up. If it works well, I'll save some for you.