17 August, 2008

Photos from Gina's Wedding

At long last! I am rested up and life has moved forward after our trip to Tulsa to sing at niece, Gina's (and her new hubby, Pat's) wedding. Not all of my readers and friends have a facebook, where I have already posted many of these, so I will also share them here, and tell you all just a little about the day. I'll post a few family or reception photos later.

This is the prettiest place I've ever sung. I have sung at cathedrals in Germany and other venues in The Netherlands and even Italy, but they (especially Germany) are dark and not colorful as this cathedral in Tulsa is.

We were originally to sing from this balcony, across the railing, but you may be able to pick out the scaffolding (in between all the pipes from the pipe organ) in our way. We sang from "stage left" (altar left) instead. We sat behind the groomsmen during the ceremony. It was a fantastic view of the service.

The view from where we sang, down the portico to the foyer where we rehearsed. (Dd Ky on the left)

Mom and my brother, Steve. (the brother with whom I sang "The Prayer")

Dad (he's so handsome, as my sister pointed out) co-officiated the Catholic/Protestant ceremony with the parish priest. WHAT a special treat it was; a benchmark event in our family history. He did so well. He got a little misty eyed, then got a little bit cheeky, which broke the tension. It was, as he told everyone, "a celebration, after all!" I really wish I had tried to get some photos during the ceremony, but when we ended up having to sit up front and very visible, I decided to cause as little distraction as possible. Plus our mother told us to "Behave," hehehe.

The acoustics in the cathedral lent themselves to a natural pause for the speakers, readers, and singers alike. It was truly awe-some.

This small foyer was our warm-up and practice room. Even it had lovely acoustics.

Bryce, the bride's brother, and our ds. Jordan. Ds Andrew (a little out of focus) is on Jordan's left.

Gina and Teran
Fine architecture and colors

The pews where my brothers, two sisters-in-law, several nieces and nephews all sang and a Capella arrangement of "Sunrise, Sunset" together. We sang in an arc just to the right of the pews. My brother and I's duo was at the music stand. After the wedding rehearsal the night before the wedding, about five of us tested out the acoustics and echo by singing three verses of "Fairest, Lord Jesus," also a Capella. The music bishop did not trust that we could sing, so that was our time for some of the reluctant ones to see/hear for themselves. We grew up doing this, it is what God gave us to do, it comes naturally, and it is a very deep part of who we are (who HE made us to be...his artisans and singers).

I cannot tell you how much it blessed*honor* to be there for Gina, to give our best (or to put it Biblically, to give out of our abundance), and to fulfill her special request on her most special day.

These are just a few of the multiple stained-glass windows in the building. What lovely artisanship. This one is "Doubting Thomas." There is so much shading and detail compared to other stained glass art in churches/cathedrals that I have seen. Simply lovely.

I took this one for my boys and for my Ambleside mom friends. It is The Dragon and St. George. They are often highlighted in many cathedrals in Europe; in Fresco, Mosaic, and glass...and it was fun to see them commemorated here!

The wedding at Cana: turning the water to wine.

This is something to remember for a very long time, just as I remember dancing around the living room and singing to a tiny, two-month old Gina in my arms way back in the early 80's between college terms.


Auntie Javamom,
blessed with dozens of nieces/nephews and a host of great nieces/nephews


Sheila said...

gorgeous, gorgeous cathedral! I've never seen anything quite like it. Great photos...

Well, I propose a toast to the new school year:

"To the Atmosphere and Discipline and Lifestyle of Learning!"

Donna-Jean said...

Beautiful pictures! (I assume you took them with no flash indoors?) They are really lovely - as is your story, especially the part about when your niece was two years old :-)

Javamom said...

Thank you, ladies. We didn't travel hardly anywhere this summer, but this event made it all special, even if the trip was too short and I didn't get to spend much time relaxing at Mom and Dad's.

Donna-Jean, that's right, no flash in the sanctuary. I could have used my tripod and gotten a few more, and some clearer shots, but that would have been one more heavy thing to keep track of.

There's a funny story about the man, a family friend, in uniform in the photo of Gina and Teran. I'll have to share that story sometime!