07 August, 2008

newest fledglings!

I have missed writing for my blog, but have been so very busy. The next best thing for me to do is post a few photos. I don't think they will drive a lot of traffic to my little coffeehouse on the web, but at least my regular visitors (several who drop by but only comment to me through private e-mails ;) can enjoy sites from our backyard. They are a joy to share with you.

I'll also post updated photos of the blessing book that lacks only the title label at this point. It is nearly ready to be picked up, now.

New Fledglings:

This little guy is so loud! I heard him squaking in the back cottonwoods just the night before he showed himself for the first time at the feeders yesterday.

And here's his nice parent, still taking care of him for up to the first month after flying on his own for the first time.

He's just so cute.
And so is this little bright guy :-) It was very windy on this day, with the remnants of tropical storm Edouard blowing up southern winds from the Gulf Coast. He could hardly brace himself. It was quite comical.

He is one of about three new cardinal fledglings we see with their parents at the feeders every day now.



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