22 June, 2007

Around the Yard

This one is pretty, but I had a difficult time balancing the contrast in the actual flower.

So a tighter crop is better

Awesome green spider, missing one leg...

These rose of Sharon buds are on a bush that has been here since we bought our house. This has been a very good year for the bush.

Around the yard with my new camera

Enjoying the view of the tiny world that exists there!

singing cardinal on a wire (taken with telephoto, at the wrong speed :-)

...about to burst

drooping sunflower


I hope you enjoyed this chronicle of a couple of my nature photography walks. This is therapy...a nice diversion from all my Spanish homework grading!

Señora Javamom


tootlepip said...


Donna-Jean said...

Absolutely, absolutely beautiful. They need to be in a book. I enjoy your photos so much!

Mother Auma said...

Thank you for sharing these! The kids and I enjoyed the sunflowers especially.