04 June, 2007

End of Day One - Summer School

The eastern sky at sunset: a process...

photo two - eastern sky at sunset, about fifteen minutes later in the process.

We witnessed the most beautiful sunrise early this morning that I've seen in a very long time.
Wait...it's the only sunrise I've seen since....March (Huge Grin). I should have taken photos. REALLY. Since I don't have photos of the incredibly pink and orange light-up-the-whole-northeasterly sky-sunrise, I will include tonight's incredible sky after a small shower came through at dinner time...though it really does not compare with today's sunrise.

Hubby is recovering pretty well from last Wednesday's knee surgery. Being up and walking more in the last 24 hours in prep for Summer school and our first day was a good test for the repairs in his right knee.

We were up at the school for four or five hours yesterday to get hubster's vocab program updated and for me to make all the copies I need for Spanish one for one week. The day went well, and we seem to have some decent students who are at least a little willing to try. Most of them seem very easy to motivate....SO far :-).

I have to cover two parts of each chapter each day so that we can cover 11 or 12 chapters in five weeks. I'm making the kids responsible for much of their own work, but we are also doing all the language lab work together in class. Throwing in some games here and there should help fill out our time with productive learning, instead of just busy work.

We had a nice family dinner and a lot of laughs, now I'm going to glance at the possible activities for tomorrow then go to bed early (9 ish).

Night, all! Thanks for asking about the Dread Pirate Sparsebeard! His humor in intact, even as we take the elevator together to get to our classrooms upstairs!

Señora Javamom

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