21 June, 2007

Spanish Curriculum

De vez en cuando, I look over various Spanish websites. Here is a fun link, for those curious about Spanish idioms.

Idiom generator

It is just one page from "Learn Spanish," a pretty thorough site that I need to go to more often and recommend to my students! The site has a complete Spanish Tutorial.

I am loving the curriculum the school has, which I am using with my summer school students.
It is Ven Conmigo, put out by Holt, Rineheart & Winston. I like it better than anything I've used in any teaching setting, be it tutoring, homeschooling, or classroom setting. It incorporates some of the newer research integrating TPR (total physical response) methodology for language teaching into the lessons. TPR is something I've been studying since earlier this spring. It teaches more practical phrases and is lighter on the grammar emphasis of drill and kill. It includes grammar, but it is not overkill. It presents far more practical daily usable phrases and context, then integrates the grammar of conjugation, adjectives, direct objects gently throughout.

Maybe it will be possible to switch from Bob Jones Spanish to Ven Conmigo for our co-op within a year or so. The fewer number of chapters are certainly more conducive to our co-op semester breakdown.

We shall see!

Señora Javamom, Birthday Gal

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