29 June, 2007

Big Sky ~ Here's another round

These photos are not doctored, by the way!

But aren't the clouds awesome looking this evening? We were simply watching another episode of Monarch of the Glen when we heard the thunder in the distance.

We actually saw a rainbow over the northern suburbs (only briefly) on our way to school early this morning as the sun was first rising.

I've become rather used to the weather. I postulated earlier this week as to why it is not getting me down, as it is some. My thoughts are that when one is 'submerged' in whatever work one is doing, then the goings-on around don't affect one's joy or moods much. The focus is on the task at hand and doing one's best, instead of being so easily swayed by the weather and such.

I've also found countless opportunities to photograph our surroundings in a completely different light (grin).


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