16 June, 2007

Happenings at Home

Our daughter made it back safely from her trip to California. She loved it there...so much prettier and drier than it is here.

Dd also obtained her driver's license this week--now she can drive herself to work!

Next, two of our three sons have been at summer camp in Colorado this week. Their bus had a mishap/wreck of sorts last night on the way home. Our 18yo son called to say that no one was hurt (thank the Lord!) but that they had to wait for another bus to come out and get them. Evidently the bus was too tall for a bridge and hit it while they were passing another car. The mental image I have of what that must have been like for all the kids is frightening.

We haven't heard back from them again, so their wait must have been a safe one, as well. You never know these days--the roadside is just not a safe place with all the irresponsible drivers out there. Hopefully they were able to get to a gas station parking lot or roadside park to wait for the new bus. We should be hearing from them any time, now.

This is our newest couch! Hubster and I went on a brief shopping trip this week and stumbled onto this perfect-for-us couch for which we paid only $75! We have been watching movies from chairs in our family room...all six of us. The chairs had their benefits, one of which was less TV watching. As you can see, Tigger has already claimed his spot!

Dh and I have been reading Charlotte Mason aloud together. He is enjoying it and wants to use some of it in his High School Psychology class this fall. So much of her information on the processes in the brain and how learning happens really was right on with the most current scientific studies, so he wants to couple her writing with modern proofs and teaching.

Cool, eh?

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Birdie said...

Your daughter got home safely, no one was injured in the bus wreck, you found a bargain on a couch and the cat is happy! Sounds like a blessed weekend so far!

Also, I love that your husband is planning on using Charlotte Mason on the high school level. Do give us updates on how it goes!