16 June, 2007

Update on the bus incident-sort-of-wreck

Well, the boys called back twice now. The bus was too tall for a bridge and scraped along underneath it at about 35 mph. Some kids were bumped from their seats and all the speakers above them popped loose.I don't think anyone was hit by them, though. They said the sound was horrible.

The bus company put them all up in a hotel, which was difficult to arrange for a group on the weekend, in the middle of the night. They got almost no sleep. Breakfast this morning was very bad and most of the boys "lost" their breakfast. The company is flying the group home then shuttling them back to the church.

Our 14 yo said there are many things to talk about this whole week of camp. I hope they are not all bad things!


Parenting is NOT for WIMPS.

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Birdie said...

No, parenting is NOT for wimps. It certainly toughens up those of us who start out that way, however! ;) I'm glad everyone is doing well after their wreck and miserable night. I'll keep praying.