08 June, 2007


The week flew by while teaching summer school Spanish. I have eleven students, and it's going pretty well, actually. I've had to call two parents already, but all responded well. I've relaxed into the early morning schedule of getting up just before six and leaving for the school by 6:35 with hubby. Most of the students are early, but class technically begins at 8:15 and ends at 12:30. I have some stay later if they are finishing up a test or incomplete homework.

Hubby is recuperating very well, ten days past knee surgery. Still hobbling somewhat, but physical therapy is helping him to become more flexible with less pain once again.

We sent our 16 yo daughter off to California (by plane) tonight for five days with a good friend. They are staying with her brother and his wife and kids.

14 yo son leaves for Senior High camp in Colorado on Sunday. Wish I was going! I will miss not taking a trip this summer. Then again, maybe we will drive over to see family in New Mexico...

I have a lot of paperwork to grade still...4 more sets of student homework (17 pages each?) and 11 tests (ten pages, mostly short, quick exercises). It will take me probably six hours to accomplish all that. I'm going to split it up over the weekend and chip away at it. When the kids ask "Why is there so much homework?" I smile and say, "Because you are covering a schoolyear's worth of Spanish I material in five weeks!"

I truly am enjoying it...why?? I really like Spanish and teaching it helps it stay fresh in my mind and strengthens my skills. It's so easy to get rusty -- more quickly than people realize.

I met a neat lady from Cuba today (been a citizen here for decades, now) that was visiting the school with a retiring teacher. I asked her about Fidel Castro making an appearance in public this week finally...and what may happen when he dies. That was an interesting conversation!! Can't wait to talk to her about immigration issues!

On the practical side of things: I've gotten to bed early so I can still get enough sleep. I am so thankful for this summer teaching opportunity. I never thought I would teach in a classroom setting, but it turns out that I really like it!

Riding to work and working in a classroom next to Sparsebeard has been pretty cool, too!

'Night, friends


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Birdie said...

I'm glad to hear that your husband is recovering well and that you and he are getting to spend some more time together!