30 June, 2007

A day on the [flooded] lake

Picnic area above. Camping cabins below. Anybody for an underwater picnic? This is not good news for the fourth of July crowds or the corps of engineers, who take care of our lakes.

Below is a photo from May for comparison's sake. These below are the same ones as in the photo above, but taken just five weeks ago.

We went to the lake today with my brothers, their wives and some of our kids. Keep in mind that we've had so much rain the whole month of June. Lakes that were 11 feet low in April are now 8.6 feet above normal now.

They say our park hasn't been this flooded since '91 or '92. That is the year we moved out here, but we had two toddlers at the time, and we spent less time at the lake when they were so small. I do remember those being very rainy spring seasons.

This is where we have invited our CM homeschooling friends to come on nature walks or to pick blackberries with us. Our favorite campsites are under water right now. It was shocking to see (or not see) our landmarks anymore.
Our daughter recognized the area and the subsequent top of the tree where she parks her bike when she rides.

The boys thought they'd go swing on the playground after we spent several relaxing hours on the lake on my brother's boat. Yes, that's a picnic area under water. There are probably 40 or more of these on the beaches that are under water, grills, picnic tables, and all!

The fire ants are bad, too...after all, their homes have flooded, as well. This part of the beach is closed because of debris in the water and because of the fire ant problem.

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Dana said...

The swings look way fun. Why don't they put swings in lakes? Slides are everywhere, but imagine swinging as high as you can and leaping off. It can't be that dangerous. We did it on the playground in school, landing on grass.