15 June, 2007

In the mood for something humorous from the UK

Summer School is a lot of work, but I'm still enjoying it, in spite of a couple of students really testing the limits of the school attendance and homework policy. I'm teaching to a lot of LD students, most of whom should NOT be attempting to take the summer school route unless they are willing to put in the time to WORK at learning a foreign language. AHHH, but somehow they thought it was going to be easier because it's a summer course -- "complete your Spanish class credit in five weeks." But they weren't counting on the fact that nine months of a book course packed into five weeks will be very tough (DOABLE) but rigorous going. ESPECIALLY if they have learning differences or other ((((shhh, behavioral))) issues.


The first semester is over on Tuesday and second semester begins on Wednesday. I am gaining one student, will have a student returning to class who was sent to rehab after the first week, hopefully losing another student whom I caught cheating twice, the second time in front of the summer school principal!! I called one of the parents and said parent wants a conference next week. Hopefully it will be this student's final day at ss. Bring it on, I have my file ready with signed notes in it.

Yes, the admin does everything it can to "make allowances" for all sorts of struggles. As long as the students are showing up and working with the format, I will juggle and give grace, too. BUT if they just come and go with an attitude of "I don't have to show up" or "I don't have to actually complete my homework assignments to get my credit, do I?" then I want them out of my classroom.

So you see, I need a dose of humor tonight! Tomorrow I'll face the bulk of grading and averaging.


p.s. we borrowed a friend's Wodehouse Playhouse set and watched them again the week that Hubster had his knee surgery.

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