22 June, 2007

birthday surprise

My birthday started off wonderfully, just knowing that I'd completed my student evaluations and submitted them on Wednesday before leaving the school. I had to flunk one student, as there was no way he could continue on in his habits and poor choices and learn a language. Dealing with that in the best way consumed my time.

Hubster and I stopped on the way out of town to buy a couple of donuts for breakfast. He brought me my favorite: a maple bar.

After arriving at the school, my best friend (who happens to teach here in 1st-2nd grade) brought me a reproduction antique Pepsi-Cola box filled with goodies. I gave up soda two years ago, now, but she brought me six cans of Wild-Cherry Pepsi. She also gave me a beautiful art and inspirational watercolor book, some small children's Spanish vocabulary books, and a Birthday Bundt cake (which always reminds me of "My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding" now). On the underside of the lid of the box is a bottle-cap checkers board.

The photography teacher printed up a beautiful card for me then went shopping after school to bring me a surprise this morning...I'll write more about that in a minute!

We got to leave the school early and I had planned on grading quizzes quickly when we arrived home at 3:00. Instead, I was in the mood to tidy, as the kids had VBS all week and didn't pitch in on chores as much as we would have liked. It was actually relaxing to get to clean and wash up my kitchen and throw out some junk mail/papers. This would be a very insiteful thing for me to do because...

One of my three best girl-friends dropped by with a Starbucks coffee for me:
A grande non-fat, no-whip, peppermint mocha. We got to visit for a solid hour! THAT was a treat, as I hadn't gotten to spend any time with her since our boys graduated a month ago.

My third best friend called me up to wish me happy birthday...we'll get together soon.

Finally, hubster surprised me last night with a party. I was NOT expecting this! We have been so very swamped with summer school paperwork. Wednesday night, I was so sleepy that I wanted to go to bed at 8 p.m., but we watched a movie instead (Jane Eyre with George C. Scott).

Two of my brothers, their wives, one niece and one nephew showed up to have grilled salmon and asparagus dinner with us last night. My cake of choice was not a cake at all, but THICK, fudgy and chunky brownies!

There was much laughter and a little bit of sentinentality, as we recalled events and shared our feelings about watching our parents age.

I received some *sweet* presents of little thoughtful goodies. the highlight of my presents:

Our photography teacher friend (one of our kids' mentors) found me a rare black Canon Digital Rebel EOS, two lenses (one zoom - 75-300 mm), with an attached extra battery pack, and battery charger. It came with an awesome case that can be attached to a backpack and has a waterproof cover that attaches, if needed. It came with a one gig memory card. Yes we will pay him for it, but he swung QUITE a big deal for the whole outfit.

I am so blessed.

Our oldest son was supposed to go sky diving with his best buddies yesterday. I told him if he died on my birthday, I'd have to kill him (LOL). They got rained out, so no airplane adventures for him as of yet.

THAT was a splendid birthday!!

Javamom who shared the rest of my birthday brownies with my Spanish class today!


Mama Squirrel said...

Happy Birthday, Javamom!

Donna Godfrey said...

I have just spent a hour reading your wonderful blog and just seeing all of your talents!

May God Bless you richly this coming year!

Donna G

tootlepip said...

Happy belated birthday!